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Our products are in the biggest fashion brands in the world, presented in fashion capitals and distributed worldwide. Located in Portão, metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, Natur Leather Industry was founded in 1985 with a well defined objective: to supply the shoe and artifact industries with a diverse line of high quality standard leather. Natur provides to renowned industries, both from internal and external markets. For that matter, keeps on researching constantly and investing on development of new technologies, aiming on keeping our clients up to date with the last trends.

Natur operates an industrial facility of 35,000m2 with a production capacity of 800,000sqft of bovine leather each month. Machinery and chemicals are from major European brands and Natur is constantly working on new ways of improving its production processes and services followed by a rigorous Integrated Quality System.


Our principles are based on sustainable and ethical production, with respect to environment and raw material traceability. We are certified under Leather Working Group standard since 2011, passed a silver certification and after having maintanied all gold certifications. We care about people and work conditions, offering a fair and safe environment to employees.

Seeking to meet and control the environmental policy, our Environmental Management system has indicators for power control, water consumption, air emissions and effluent parameters. Natur, through periodic surveys with its customers, has developed and maintains a list of Restricted Substances. Our leathers are analyzed in selected and internationally accredited laboratories, thus testifying, the levels required for each restricted substance. Natur has a system of traceability of their hides through a procedure of establishing the necessary controls (score all hides with a specific code, source documentation and monitoring in production, computerized record system and identification of lots), allowing thus, being possible to trace the origin of each leather produced in the company.

We have exported to over 20 countries for over 25 years.


Our collections, launched twice a year, are inspired by the latest worldwide trends. In the meantime, we are always achieving top-notch developments by enhancing green technology.

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Address: Rua Boa Vista, 626
Portão/RS – Brasil
Zip code: 93.180-000